School Supply/Fee Information 2017-18

CM Finch Elementary Intermediate Supply List Grade 4-6 2017-18

√ Supply Requirements
Duo tangs: black 1; red 1; green 1; grey 1; yellow 1; light blue 1; dark blue 1; white 1; purple 1; white 1; orange 1
Sticky Tack 1 package
Lined Refill Paper 100 sheets – lined loose leaf
Note/ Exercise Books 4 Key Tab
plain white paper 100 sheets
Quad Rule Notebooks (4 sq to 1″) 200 pages If unable to get a 200 page notebook, please get enough of the smaller ones to equal a total amount of 200 pages
Pencil Crayons 24 pack
Felt Pens/ Markers Washable, broad tip – 16 pack
Glue Sticks 3 – 40 g.
HB Pencils w/ erasers 30+
Pencil sharpener 1 w/ shavings collector
Ball Point Pens 2 blue/ black
Ball Point Pens 3 – red
Black pen for art
1 permanent, e.g. Ultra Fine Tip black Sharpie
Large white erasers 4+
Pencil case 1
Pencil box w/ lid Optional for storing felts, etc.
Scissors 1 pair
Ruler 1 30 cm w/ both cm & mm markings – NO metal edges
Calculator (practical, basic) w/ basic functions DO NOT purchase Scientific style
Highlighters (1) yellow, (1) blue, (1) pink, (1) green
Gym strip w/ bag Needs to be washed weekly.
Sketch/drawing book 1 – no larger than 9×12.
Facial tissue 2 boxes
Inside running shoes 1 pair
• Please label all of your child’s school supplies, except for the duo tangs as we have a special labeling process in place.
• Note: These quantities are averages: some children require more materials than others. Your child will write a note in their agenda throughout the year if they need more materials.
Please do not supply your child with permanent markers, except as noted – thank you.
Intermediate students will not need to bring their supplies for the first few days.

Primary School Supplies K-3 2017-18
Primary students in kindergarten to grade three are able to get their supplies through the school. Parents are strongly encouraged to purchase supplies through the school as this ensures the supplies match those needed for the over all class plan. This optional participation allows parents to take advantage of the convenience of having others get the correct materials at school pricing. Students are given materials, as they need them through out the year.

School Fees 17-18
Fees will be collected after students are assigned to classes
but not before September 11, 2017.
Kindergarten $25.00 supplies $10.00 Cultural Fee
Grade 1-3 $35.00 supplies
$8.00 Agenda $10.00 Cultural Fee
Grade 4-6 $8.00 Agenda $10.00 Cultural Fee
School Team Fee $10.00 (per sport)
Please do not include this fee with the school supply fee. The fee is charged once a student is involved with a team. This fee may be waived if Pac decides to cover team costs as they have done in recent years.
Classroom with Technology (formerly Wireless Writing)
Grade 6 CWT Insurance $30.00 Insurance